Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BK-HS32)

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Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BK-HS32)

Cat. No. DCBio-23SH-KB


  1. Friendly use interface: Smart & Intelligent display. With 10.1 inch LCD touch screen, windows operating system.
  2. Zero Aerosol Contamination: High sfficiency HEPA filter and Auto effectively prevent aerosol function. HEPA filter and UV lamp replacement alarm function
  3. UV Sterilization Lamp: With manual or set automatic opening time lamp, sterilizing the operation area easily effectively.
  4. Integrated Shaking & Heating Module: Mix deep wells while heating, saving extraction time.

Pleas see the details in video below:

Technical Parameter



Extraction Method

Magnetic Beads

Sample Capacity


Processing Volume

20~1000 ul

Extraction Time

15~60 min

Magnetic Bead Recovery

>= 98%

Extraction Difference Between Wells


Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent

Click here >>> Go detailed Page "Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent"

Magnetic Rod Flux


Temperature Range

Adjustable heating function, RT-100oC

Oscillating Mixing

Vertical Mixing, low, medium, high three gears adjustable

Module Station


Protection Function

Star up self-checking, power off protection, high temperature alarm, over temperature protection, motor protection

Disinfection Method

8W UV Lamp

Illuminating Lamp

3.4 LED Lamp

Operation Interface

10.1-inch capacitive barcode scanner

Barcode Scanning Function

Optional external barcode scanner

Project Storage



2 USB port, optionnel LAN port

Contamination Control

Class II HEPA filter can effectively filter the internal aerosol and prevent cross contamination

IAP Function

Firmware can be updated online at any time

Power Supply

AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

External Dimension(L*D*H)

450*440*532 mm

Package Size(W*D*H)

538*38*750 mm

Gross Weight

37 kg

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