Specialty Pipette Tips

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Specialty Pipette Tips

  • 300µL Tips
  • 5 and 10mL bagged
  • RNase &DNase Free

These new tips are designed to fit MTC’s exclusive 300µL single channel pipettes.  Many researchers  have recognized the need for an accurate pipette for volumes above 200µL, which is a range that is not well served by traditional 1mL pipettes. The MTC Bio 300µL pipette and pipette tips close the gap and permit accurate and convenient pipetting, especially in the 200-300µL range. These tips also fit most popular 300µL multi-channel pipettes and are supplied pre-sterilized in 96 position racks or refill wafers.


  • Fits 200µL and 300µL pipettes: includes all popular multi-channel pipettes
  • Extended length – 59mm: 10mm longer than standard 200µL tips
  • Supplied Sterile: in box racks or reloads
  • 5 and 10mL MacroTips

MTC Bio’s 5 and 10mL tips are specially designed for an ideal and comfortable fit on our Macro size pipettes. Supplied in bags, these tips are made of ultra-clear polypropylene and are guaranteed to create the most ideal seal on ProPette™ Pipettors.

Ordering Informatiom

Cat # Description Quantity
MTCSPT_P4300-RK Pipette Tips, 300µL, 10 racks of 96 tips 960
MTCSPT_P4300-RF Pipette Tips, 300µL, 10 refill wafers of 96 tipsdiscontinued 960
MTCSPT_P4300-FT Pipette Tips, Filtered, 300µL capacity, sterile, for 200µL and 300µL pipettes, 10 racks of 96 tips 960
MTCSPT_P4305 Pipette Tips, 5mL, bagged, for Propette™ LE 250
MTCSPT_P4311 Pipette Tips, 10mL, bagged, for Propette™ LE 100
MTCSPT_H6505 Tips, 5mL Halo™ Pipettors 100
MTCSPT_H6510 Tips, 10mL Halo™ Pipettors 100


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