Payment Terms & Conditions

DiagnoCine closely works with customers to make the payment process easy and hassle-free. We will adapt to the payment methods of choice by the customers in various ways. All payments and financial transactions from the customers to the DiagnoCine must be finalized in the US dollar format.  No other physical or digital currencies will be accepted for any part of the DiagnoCine financial transactions.

  • In general and simplified terms, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions specified by the DiagnoCine as the seller of products when the customer completes the purchase of DiagnoCine’s products via online shopping webpage, Purchase Order forms and all mail formats with official signatures of institutions.
  • For online orders, the credit card- and account-based payments are the final step once the transaction is completed. After your order is delivered to you and confirmed, the whole purchasing-to-receiving flow is complete.
  • For Purchase Orders, customers are recommended to review the quotes, your own purchase order form and the DiagnoCine invoice to confirm that the payment total is correct. If you see any discrepancies, please contact us so that we can resolve the issues together. When the customer agrees with the total payment on the invoice, we request the customer pays the total payment in one financial transaction within 30 calendar days. The payment methods include (i) sending us a check by mail, (ii) wiring to our bank account or (iii) providing your institutional credit card information.
  • For delayed payment cases, the collection agencies will be involved when the total payment from the customer is not received within 100 days after the invoice date. In special cases, we will work closely with the customer to resolve issues.
  • We do not display the check-box for “Agree to Terms and Conditions” on every DiagnoCine webpage or on the purchase order form.
  • We recommend all customers to review DiagnoCine policies regarding terms, conditions, and services, and contact us at for any questions.

Credit Card Payment problem?  ... use below PDF file 

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if Download problem? Please, Copy the below address and then download it on your Web Browser. Card_authorization_form_Diagnocine_Nov072023.pdf