Consulting Service


DiagnoCine provides a range of consulting services. For details, please contact us at for an initial discussion and brainstorming session.

A: Sales, Marketing and Distribution

DiagnoCine provides consulting services to a selected group of clients. To qualify, the clients must have at least 2 years of history maintaining a business relationship with DiagnoCine. For these qualified clients, we offer an opportunity to serve them better by adding consulting services in addition to our regular services on product sales, marketing, and distribution. After building a minimum 2 years of the business relationship, many of our clients naturally migrate to adding consulting services. To add this extra service, clients agreed on a fixed monthly payment to DiagnoCine for a full spectrum of contracted outsourcing services. In addition to sales, marketing, and distribution, this full spectrum of services includes


(I) attending business meetings

(ii) participating in vendor shows and conferences

(iii) creating market research and technical reports of choice

(iv) supporting site visits within North America on behalf of the client

(v) carrying out miscellaneous tasks requested by clients.

This consulting service is particularly beneficial for client companies that are outside of the USA and do not have an active branch in the USA.


DiagnoCine also provide consulting services for sales, marketing, and distribution of products for the purpose of penetrating the Asian market, especially Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore. For these services, there are no specified requirements.

B: Scientific, Clinical and Technical Topics

Diagnocine scientists and researchers and its cooperative network perform consulting services on wide range topics, mainly focuses on life science-related fields. For this consulting service, no prerequisites and requirements are needed.


* Scientists, Researchers, and Technologists

Please join our network and get paid for your expert input. Please contact us at and we will keep you in our database of experts.


The minimum project size is $5,000 that requires greater than 20 hours of direct-work time, including traveling. To start the project, 50% of the purchase order is paid after the project agreement is reached between DiagnoCine and the client and the Purchase Order is issued by the client institution. Once the project is accomplished, the remaining 50% of the Purchase Order is paid to DiagnoCine. These services include (I) attending business meetings, (ii) participating in vendor shows and conferences, (iii) creating market research and technical reports of choice, (iv) supporting site visits within North America on behalf of the client, and (v) carrying out miscellaneous tasks requested by clients. The consulting areas include


  • General Data Analytics for Basic, Translational and Clinical Science
  • Research Grant and Reports Evaluation, Editing and Proofing
  • Experimental Protocol Evaluation and Optimization
  • Biomarker Discovery, Data Interpretation, and Result Evaluation
  • Biobank and BioSample Operations and Patient Tissue Procurement
  • Immunohistology, Immunofluorescence, Diagnostics, and Assays
  • Protein Engineering and DNA Cloning
  • Drug Discovery and Computer Simulation
  • Animal & Tumor Modeling, Carcinogenesis, Xenografts and PDx Co-trials
  • 3D Tissue Culture, Scaffold-based Modeling, and Bioreactors Expansion
  • High Throughput Screening for Bacteria- and Cell-based Assays
  • Real-World Data and Evidence, Informatics and Clinical Outcome Prediction
  • Regulatory, Intellectual Property and Business Development

C: Import and Export Materials and Topics

  • Importing Research Materials to the USA from Foreign Countries
  • Exporting Research Materials from the USA to Asian Countries
  • USA Custom Office Clearance, Application Evaluation, Procedures, all USDA/FDA  works, and Workflow