Signal Booster Solution A&B set

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Signal Booster Solution A&B set 

Cat No: BCL100
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The signal booster series is a group of reagents for enhancing antigen-antibody reaction. We have developed the following two types of products depending on the application. Signal Booster Signal Booster is a protein-containing enhancement reagent that exhibits a very stable enhancement effect. Signal Booster Neo Signal Booster Neo is a protein-free enhancer that can be used for detection of phosphorylated proteins and other detection systems where additional proteins are a problem. All products show enhanced signals in Western blotting, ELISA, etc. simply by diluting the antibody with the product. 

"Signal Booster series" are signal enhancement reagent for immunoassays.


The main component of the signal booster series is a polymer and a component that has a blocking action. By changing the physicochemical properties of the antigen and antibody, the polymer increases the frequency of contact between them and enhances the specific antigen-antibody reaction. On the other hand, a blocking component reduces non-specific binding. As a result, the background is lowered and the specific antigen-antibody reaction is enhanced.

Product Types 

Signal Booster This is a standard product containing protein components used for Western Blot and ELISA. This product is made up of two liquids, the A liquid for the primary antibody dilution and the B liquid for the secondary antibody. In the case of ELISA, either solution A or solution B shows good results depending on the measurement system.

  1. A signal that is several to several tens of times higher than the conventional method using a buffer containing a surfactant can be obtained
  2. A higher signal can be obtained compared to similar products
  3. Antigen-antibody reaction such as Western and ELISA Can be widely used in various assay systems involved
  4. In addition to detection by HRP and ALP enzyme, it can also be used for color detection and luminescence detection
  5. Easy to use by diluting antibody with this reagent 
Product No. Product Name Capacity Price
BCL100_50 mL Signal Booster Solution A&B set Solution A & B 50mL each $50.00
BCL100_100 mL Solution A & B 100mL each $100.00
BCL100_250 mL Solution A & B for each 250mL $180.00
BCL110_A-100 mL Signal Booster Solution 100 mL $55.00
BCL110_B-100 mL 100 mL $55.00
BCL110_A-250 mL 250 mL $95.00
BCL110_B-250 mL 250 mL $95.00
BCL-SBN_250 mL Signal Booster Neo 250 mL $150.00
BCL-SBN_500 mL 500 mL $265.00
BCLIS_FMS Signal Booster Immunostain 10 mL each $135.00
BCLIS_F Solution F, 20 mL $202.00
BCLIS_M Solution M, 20 mL $202.00
BCLIS_S Solution S, 20 mL $202.00


  • Ready To Use
    • Simply dilute antibodies by Signal Boster.
    • For Primary antibody, dilute by Solution A.
    • For Secondary antibody, dilute by Solution B.
  • Stronger signal and lower background
    • Can get a few to >10 times stronger signals.
  • Stronger signal as compared to similar products
  • Wide variety of applications
    • Can be used for Western Blot, ELISA, etc.
    • HRP or ALP will not be affected by Signal Booster.
    • Luminecense, Fluorescence detection system is also compatible.
"Signal Booster Neo" : Chemically defined, Protein-free signal enhancer.

Example Data
(A) Signal Booster is used for detection of Luciferase

NT : TBS (-), SB : Signal Booster, A : Competitor company product
Sample : Luciferaseexpressing HepG2cell lysate
1st Ab : Anti-Luciferase IgG, goat polyclonal, 1/1000 diluted by Solution A
2nd Ab : Anti-Goat IgG, donkey HRP-labeled, 1/20000 diluted by Solution B
(B) Signal Booster is used for detection of HBsAgS by Sandwich ELISA

Solid phase Ab:Anti-HBsAg Ab, Rabbit polyclonal
Sample : HBsAg-XT (Cat #:BCL-AG-002 )
1st Ab : Anti-HBsAg Ab, Mouse monoclonal ,diluted by Solution A
or Anti-HBsAg Ab, Mouse monoclonal HRP, diluted by Solution B
2nd Ab : Anti-mouse IgG, Goat polyclonal, HRP, diluted by Solution B
(C) Signal Booster Neo is used for detection of phospho-EGFR

SB : Signal Booster, SBN : Signal Booster Neo
Sample : A431 Cell Lysate
Blocking : c-Block
1st Ab : Anti-pEGFR, Rabbit
2nd Ab : Anti-Rabbit,Goat polyclonal, HRP
(D) Signal Booster Neo is used for detection of HBs antigen by ELISA

SB : Signal Booster, SBN : Signal Booster Neo
Blocking : b-block
Capture Ab : Anti-HBsAg mouse
Detection Ab : Anti-Mouse IgG-HRP
(E) Signal Booster Neo is used for detection of mouse serum amyloid A3 by Western Blot.

Sample : Mouse Serum Amyloid A3, overexpressed in E.Coli 1st and 2nd Antibodies are diluted in TBST-dried milk or Signal Booster Neo according to manufacturer’s instructions.
There was a dramatic difference with the Signal Booster Neo.
(Data kindly provided by Dr. Robert Anderberg, Providence Medical Research Center, Providence Health Care)

Q & A 

Q: How long is the storage period?
All can be used without problems for more than one year if stored refrigerated.
Q: Is it available for phosphorylated proteins?
SB is available in some cases, but we recommend using SBN. In the case of SBN, we recommend using it in combination with the chemical blocking agent c-Block.
Q: Can it be used for immunohistochemistry?
We have developed Signal Booster Immunostain for immunohistochemistry. Please use it.
Q: How does it compare to other companies' products?
It is stronger than other companies' products with a two-component structure and has a low price. Only our company sells Signal Booster Neo with 100% chemical composition.
Q: Can I use it diluted?
Both Signal Booster and Signal Booster Neo have optimized solutions, so performance when diluted is not guaranteed.


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