iMatrix-511 (0.5 mg/ml solution) (2 X 175ug)

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iMatrix-511 (0.5 mg/ml solution)

Cat. No. 892011
Size 2 X 175ug
Format liquid (solvent:PBS(-))
Stroage 4°C,Dark Storage 


iMatrix-511 (Laminin-511 E8) is beneficial for your stem cell culture!

iMatrix-511, is the recombinant human Laminin-511 E8 fragment, produced by CHO-S cells and it can reduce the risk of the xeno-components contamination in the culture. Handling is very easy - just dilute in PBS(-), coat it in the culture dish or plate and incubate at room temparature for 3 hours or at 4°C over night.

Laminin is one of the extra cellular matrix (ECM)s located in the basement membrane of animals, and play an important role for cell adhesion and proliferation.

Laminin is composed of three parts ; alpha, beta, and gamma - chain and 15 types of laminin is already known. Among them, Laminin composed by Alpha5-chain, Beta1-chain, and Gamma1-chain, is called "Laminin-511".
Laminin-511 is recognized by alpha6beta1 integrin. Cell adhision, extension and proliferation is caused by many cell signalings through intergrin.

Laminin-511 E8 is the fragment of Laminin-511 obtained by enzyme digestion.
Although this is fragment, it has binding ability to alpha6beta1 integrin.
According to Miyazaki's report ( Nat. Commun. 3, 1236 (2012)), Laminin-511 E8 could be used for cell culture of ES cells and iPS cells.

To date, mouse feeder cells or matrigel have been used for the culture of iPS cells and ES cells.
However, these cell culture substrates have a risk to bring xeno-components in the culture condition so this was said one of the problems for future medical and clinical application.

iMartix can be used for not only stem cells, but various cells, like epidermal cells, vascular endothelial cells.
Fig. Human Epidemal Cells and Vascular Endothelical Cells cultured on iMartix-511.
More efficient adhesion and extension can be seen when cultured on iMatrix-511.


  • Simple Handling
  • Can be used for various cells - especially iPS / ES cells
  • Reduce the risk of contamination by xeno-components in your culture system.
  • High cell viability and proliferation rate.
  • 175 μg of iMatrix?511 can coat about 2 to 6 of 6 well plates.

Differences between iMatrix-511 and iMatrix-511 silk



iMatrix-511 silk

Source of the material
(Recombinant protein expression system)

Recombinant CHO-S cell

Transgenic silkworms

Raw material

CHO-S cell culture supernatant

Silkworm cocoon

Product grade




Human laminin 511-E8 fragment


≥ 95 %


0.5 mg/mL

Dissociation constant

≤ 10 nM

Expiration date

2 years after the production date

Use for iPS cell culture

iPS cell production and maintenance are possible when used at 0.5 μg/cm2 for coating


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