Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BNP96)

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Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BNP96)

Cat. No. DCBio-69PNB


Automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification system for the extraction of DNA or RNA from a variety of materials, such as whole blood, tissue, throat swab, etc., wthout centrifugation or filtration operation.


  1. High Purity extraction, easy to operate and fully automated.
  2. High throughput, can process1-96 samples at a time, save time
  3. With professional extraction kit, extraction process optimization.
  4. Large program capacity, can store 1-100 groups of programs.
  5. With constant temperature function to ensure the best reaction temperature in the purification process.
  6. Friendly operation interface, easy to understand, o external computer, no special training.
  7. Compact appearance, solid material, long design life.
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  Model   BNP96
  Sample Capacity Screen   10.1 inch touch
  Sample Volume   20 ul ~ 1000 ul
  Sample Capacity   1-96
  Magnetic Bead Recovery   ≥98%
  Extraction Time   15-40 mnutes
  Extracting the Difference Between Holes   CV≤3%
  Consumption   500W
  Operating Temperature   RT - 120 ℃
  Product Purity A260/A280   DNA ≥1.7-2.0; RNA ≥1.8-2.1
  Shock Mixing   Adjustable speed (1-3)
  Reagent Type   Open system for magnetic bead method
  Program Storage   ≥100 groups
  Safety Door Design   Safety door opened, the program operation will be automatically suspended,
  avoid cross-contamination
  Disinfection Method   UV Light, Aerosol adsorption
  Power Supply   AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  Externl Size(W*D*H)   770*530*540mm
  Package Size(W*D*H)   910*670*780mm
  Gross Weight   95kg

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