Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BNP08)

Product#: DCBio-80PNB
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Nucleic Acid Extraction System (BNP08)

Cat. No. DCBio-80PNB


  1. High Purity if the product
  2. Fully automated and easy to operate
  3. Low throughput, can processing 8 samples at a time
  4. Optimization of extraction process with professional Extraction Kit
  5. Large capacity program, can storage 1-100 groups
  6. Constant temperature function: to ensure the best reaction speed during the purification process
  7. Friendly operation interface; easy to understand; no need for external computer and special training
  8. Small appearance, strong material, long design life, light weight, on-site emergency, easy to carry
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  Model   BNP08
  Extraction Method   Magnetic Beads
  Magnetic Bead Recovery Rate   ≥98%
  Sample Capacity   1-8 samples
  Sample Volume   20-500ul
  Working Volume   200-1000ul
  Open System   Apply to different magnetic beads reagents
  Extraction Time   15-40 min
  Sample Lysis   Controlled Temperature Function
  Product Purity A260/A280   DNA ≥1.7-2.0; RNA ≥1.8-2.1
  Power Supply   AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  Externl Size(W*D*H)   285*280*295mm
  Package Size(W*D*H)   385*370*395mm
  Net Weight   7.5kg
  Gross Weight   14.5kg

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