FSD Fluor™ 800 NHS ester

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FSD Fluor™ 800 NHS ester

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FSD Fluor™ 800 NHS ester is the new generation of amine reactive near infrared (NIR) fluorescent dye developed by BioActs’ cutting-edge technology displaying excellent optical property comparing to spectrally similar dyes. The fluorescence intensity after binding to biomolecules such as antibody, nucleotide, and protein is also excellent, thus FSD Fluor™ series is ideal for various biochemical and biological analytical applications. FSD dye is conceivably the best existent dye for single-molecular detection of bioconjugates for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and for fluorescence polarization measurements. The maxima of Ex/Em values are at 774/790 nm, similar to that of IRDye 800, Cy7.5 and CF770. Flamma 800 dyes might be excited using 750 or 785 nm laser line or dye-pumped laser excitation and the emission occurs at NIR region. FSD 800-conjugated primary and secondary antibody are used as molecular probes for in vitro imaging and other fluorescence detection methods. NHS esters readily react with amine-modified oligonucleotides or amino groups of proteins, i.e. the ε-amino groups of lysine or the amine terminus of nucleotides to form a chemically stable amide bond between dye and the biomolecule. We offer FSD Fluor™ 800 NHS ester for labeling of antibodies, peptides, proteins, ligands and amplification substrates optimized for in vivo NIR imaging.
  • Fluorophore: FSD Fluor™ 800
  • Reactive group: NHS ester
  • Excitation/Emission Max.(nm): 774/790
  • Spectrally similar dyes: Cy7.5, DyLight800, IRDye800
  • Extinction coefficient: ≥ 232,000 cm-1M-1
  • CF280: 0.03
  • Appearance: Green Liquid
  • Molecular Weight: 1399.03 g/mol
  • Solubility: DMF, DMSO
  • Storage conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light
Quick link (Cat.#) FSD series EXmax (nm) EMmax (nm Spectrally similar dyes
KOSC1002 FSD Fluor™ 488 495 519 Alexa Fluor 488, FAM, Cy2
KOSC1003 FSD Fluor™ 555 554 565 Alexa Fluor 555, DyLight 549, Cy3, ATTO 550
KOSC1001 FSD Fluor™ 594 591 617 Alexa Fluor 594, DyLight 594
KOSC1315 FSD Fluor™ 647 651 667 Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5, ATTO 647N, DyLight 650
KOSC1515 FSD Fluor™ 680 679 696 Alexa Fluor 680, Cy5.5, DyLight 680, IRDye 680
KOSC1702 FSD Fluor™ 750 749 774 Alexa Fluor 750, DyLight 755, Cy7, IRDye 750
POSC1803 FSD Fluor™ 800 774 790 Cy7.5, DyLight 800, IRDye 800


FSD Fluor™

FSD Fluor™ is a new generation of dye series with superb fluorescence intensity and high quantum yield comparing to traditional dyes. The fluorescence intensity after binding to biomolecules such as antibody, nucleotide, and protein maintains still excellent, FSD Fluor™ series is ideal for variety of biochemical and biological analytical applications with a less amount of dye conjugate. FSD Fluor™ series equipped with a variety of reactive groups and covers the full fluorescence spectral range from UV to NIR, hence the series is ideal for any applications in fluorescence spectroscopies and biological studies. With superior fluorophores and the wide spectral range, FSD Fluor™ dyes are suitable for every filter and are designed to meet the requirements for complex detection in the field of life science research.

  • Superior fluorescence intensity than any other spectrally similar dyes
  • Maintaining excellent fluorescence after conjugated to biomolecules, surpassing that of any other spectrally similar fluorophore 
    conjugated biomolecules.
  • Higher quantum yield comparing to traditional dyes
  • Equipped with variety of reactive group
  • Covering the full fluorescence spectral range from visible to NIR


Figure 1.   Fluorescence intensity comparison of FSD Fluor™ and other dyes


Figure 2.   Fluorescence intensity comparison in varying dye/protein ratio


Figure 3.   Immunofluorescence comparison of dye-antibody conjugates and photostability test of fluorescent secondary antibodies