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============= Diagnocine  May. 28th, 2020==============

Glycan Related Products by Fushimi


Say "goodbye" to gradient gel !!

AllView PAGE Buffer


AllView PAGE Buffer enable us to separate proteins widely during SDS-PAGE like gradient gel.

Allview PAGE Buffer
Stacking gel 3%
Resoling gel 6% 10%
Buffer Tris-Glycine-SDS buffer AllView PAGE Buffer Tris-Glycine-SDS buffer AllView PAGE Buffer
Gel Image 6% SDS-PAGE gel 10% SDS-PAGE gel

Widely separated! Only 13 min!

Sample: DynaMarker Protein MultiColor Stable II, Code #DM660

Fig. The mobility of proteins using AllView PAGE Buffer is different from Laemmli electrophoresis running buffer (Tris-Glycine-SDS). By using AllView PAGE Buffer and the Laemmli gels (Tris-HCl), a wide range of protein sizes can be separated like a gradient gels.


  • Save cost and time: gradient gel is not needed!
  • Only 13min to complete electrophoresis by mini gel.
  • Applicable to further assays: CBB staining, Western blot and etc...

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============= Diagnocine  Jan. 14th, 2020==============

Protein MultiColor Marker (cat. no. DM660)


Protein MultiColor Stable Ⅱ
*This is a renewal product of Protein MultiColor Ladder Marker, Stable.

Renewal Points !

*The product name changes from "Stable" to "StableⅡ".
*Aprotinin (Green) of 8.5kDa is newly added.
*The loading amount per one lane changes from 5ul to 10ul. Number of loads do not change, 120 times.

Pre-stained protein ladder for broad range of proteins (8 to 230 kDa), stable in refrigerator ( at 4℃ ) for 1 year !
The DynaMarker® Protein MultiColor Stable II is a pre-stained protein molecular weight marker. The marker has a remarkable feature that it is possible to store at 4 °C. The feature allow us to start electrophoresis with the marker, because it is always in a liquid state while stored at 4 °C. The DynaMarker® Protein MultiColor Stable II consists of nine prestained proteins. Each of them are stained red, blue, purple, green or orange, ranging in apparent molecular weight from approximately 8 kDa to 230 kDa. The DynaMarker® Protein MultiColor Stable II is suitable for visualizing proteins during electrophoresis without staining and for monitoring electrophoretic transfer onto membranes. The protein concentrations are optimized to give uniform band intensities. The marker is supplied in gel loading buffer for direct loading onto SDS-PAGE without heating or adding reducing agents.
DM660_fig1Description.png DM660_fig2.png
Electrophoresis profile of DynaMarker Protein MultiColor Stable II (10 μl) on 6% polyacrylamide (5% C) Gel / AllView PAGE Buffer (Code#DS520) as running buffer.

  • Multicolored pre-stained natural proteins
  • Stable for up to 1 year at 4℃
  • Ready-to-load (10μL / lane)
  • Sharp bands
  • M.W. range from approx. 8 to 230 kDa

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============= Diagnocine  Jan. 14th, 2020==============

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Standard Cocktail for 338 Human Major Metabolic Enzymes

MRMplus® Standard Mix, Metabolic Enzyme

MRMplus® Standard Mix, Metabolic Enzyme
This product is a single tube containing a mixture of peptide standard cocktail, representing 346 major metabolic enzymes in the human body.
These 346 peptides can be measured by iMPAQT (in vitro proteome-assisted MRM for Protein Absolute QuanTification) method.

This peptide standard cocktail mix is an excellent choice for proteomics analysis by MRM/SRM method.



Fig. 1.  A large set of metabolic enzymes from cultured cells was quantified by using the MRMplus Standard Mix. 

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  • 1 tube contains 338 human major metabolic enzymes and 8 internal control peptides
  • One kit can perform ~25 tests
  • Setting parameter (MRM transition and retention time information) is attached
  • Can compare expression level among different molecules.
  • Compatible with MRMplus retention time marker (#FMR-002)


  • mTRAQ reagent (AB Sciex) is required (NOT provided with the kit)
  • AB SCIEX Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (4000QTRAP or higher) is required.
  • Machines of ThermoFisher Scientific, Shimazu is not tested.
  • Compatible with conventional LC, column inner diameter < 2.1 mm

Application Examples

  • Visualization of upregulation or downregulation for all metabolic pathways
  • Drug screening (Evaluation of functional mechanism, Analysis of unknown function)
  • Basic research




List of peptides in MRMplus Standard Mix

* If the customer wishes to customize the order for specific experiments, then we can generate a separate cocktail mix.  

Please click each box next to each SYMBOL to create your customized standard mix.  The price will be different based on the number of peptides in your cocktail.  

For a customized cocktail mix of standards, please contact us at  

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