BluBlot Western Blotting Film (8x10in.)

Product#: MTCA8805
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BluBlot Western Blotting Film

Cat No: MTCA8805


BluBlot™ HS is a high quality, highly sensitve film that is ideal for a wide range of electrophoretic and autoradiography applications. It can be used with calcium tungstate or blue-emitting rare-earth screens. BluBlot™ HS exhibis excellent sensitivty and is coated on both sides for improved consistency and overall performance. It reliably produces sharp, bright images that are easily visualized and suitable for publication.

Especially useful with chemiluminescence, BluBlot™ HS works well with 14C, 32P, 125I, and 35S.

Compatible with automatic processors and manual development methods, BluBlot™ HS compares directly with films costing up to 3 times as much. With a shelf life of at least 19 months from date of production, BluBlot™ HS is packaged in lined, light-safe dispenser boxes of 100 sheets per box. 


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MTCA8803 BluBlot™ HS Western Blotting Film, 5x7in
MTCA8805 BluBlot™ HS Western Blotting Film, 8x10in


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