Anti-Medaka Vitellogenin IgG, HRP Conjugate

Product#: MVD33-HRP
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Anti-Medaka Vitellogenin IgG, HRP Conjugate

DiagnoCine offers excellent antibodies for VITELLOGENIN: CARP, KILLFISH, MEDAKA (CLONE d3-3 & f10-2 & HRP-LABELED), and RED SEA BREAM 

These antibodies are excellent tools for researchers studying the early development of egg-laying vertebrates and invertebrates, apolipoproteins, yolk proteins, N-terminal lipid transports, vesicle trafficking, and juvenile hormone feedback loop mechanisms.

(ELISA kit  and Standard kit  are also available).

VITELLOGENIN | VTG antibodies have excellent quality and this highly pure antibody can be adapted for Western Blots, ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence research with optimization.  

General information 

Cat. No. MVD33-HRP
Size 0.5 mL
Presentation Supplied as a iquid in 0.01M Tris, 0.15M NaCl, 1% BSA, pH 7.5
Components Standard(100 ng / ml ) 0.5 ml + dilution buffer 1 ml 
Immunogen Source Purified medaka vitellogenin
Appearance Clear liquid
Application   ELISA (1:100 - 1:1000), Western blot (1:100 - 1:5000)
Shipping and Storage Store at –20℃ for at least 12 months, Avoid freeze thaw cycles.
Warning For research use only. 


Vitellogenin, the egg yolk precursor protein, is induced by estrogens. On the other hand, environmental estrogens are known to disrupt endocrine system in animals. Recently, vitellogenin has proven to be an ideal marker for enviromental estrogen.

Since assay conditions vary, the optimum dilution should be determined for particular applicarion.


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