Trusted Product Guarantee and Return/Exchange Policy


DiagnoCine carefully selects top research products that are greatly priced. We stand behind every product that you purchase from us because we also select companies that have Trusted Product Guarantees and respect researchers that put in heart and soul to every experiment. Thus, we will do our best to provide you a Return Policy that is really hassle-free for the most items that we carry. Please see below points

  • Free returns or exchanges within 30 days of receiving products from DiagnoCine only if the product(s) is (i) wrong product, (ii) incorrect size, (iii) broken when arrived, (iv) become useless by damage during shipping, and/or (v) greater number of products arrived.
  • The product for Return must not be opened and used
  • If you believe the product has defects, please contact us at
  • DiagnoCine sales and marketing team will take care of your payment adjustments and product-related matters quickly and hassle-free.


In most cases, DiagnoCine will pay for the shipping costs for the return and exchange unless the customer or the product is included in the case of the exceptions.


Please note the following EXCEPTIONS that are common to our return and exchange policy:

  • The product is already in use, the product package is already opened, and we do not find defects from the manufacturer
  • Discounted items for exhausting specific and designated lots
  • Products without the original product package/case
  • Products received by you or arrived at a destination more than 30 calendar days ago
  • For details, please contact us for guidance


DiagnoCine is always ready to negotiate special cases of return and exchange. We are determined to serve our customers with the highest standard of service