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TDzyme® TL Pack

Cat. No. TDL0010


TDzyme® is a tissue dissociation enzyme produced from E. coli by using the manufacturing method of genetic recombination.
TDzyme® is manufactured by genetic recombination of collagenase derived from Clostridium histolyticum.
TDzyme® is manufactured in animal source free condition, so there is no risk of contamination with viruses.
TDzyme® is prepared by the purification of each enzyme with high purity and then mixing them by using column chromatography, which lead to high quality and lot-to-lot consistency.
TDzyme® is suitable for tissue dissociation and cell culture due to low endotoxin specification.
TDzyme® is manufactured in lyophilized form, which secures enhanced stability in storage.
TDzyme® is contained in a smart device enabling simultaneous dissolution and in-line filtration of lyophilized enzyme, which provides easy handling and contributes to reducing any contamination risks.

TDzyme® consists of TDzyme C and TDzyme T. 
  • TDzyme C is collagenase formulated to contain minimal amount of thermolysin. It is suitable for breakdown of various tissues including pancreatic islets.
  • TDzyme T is thermolysin and can be mixed with TDzyme C to dissociate stronger tissues such as adipose tissues, cartilage, and extracellular matrices of skin and blood vessels.
Storage and Stability
  • Please store the eluted enzyme solution immediately on ice.
  • Freeze unused enzyme solution as needed.
    • Please keep in mind that repeated freezing and thawing of the enzyme solution may result in decreased enzyme activity.

Recombinant tissue dissociation enzyme

pro_blue_red.png Genetic engineering is used to secure animal source free condition.
- Collagenase class I (collagenase G) originating from Clostridium histolyticum

- Collagenase class II (collagenase H) originating from Clostridium histolyticum

- Thermolysin originating from Geobacillus stearothermophilus

Purified & blended type enzyme (not crude type)

graph.png - Highly purified using column chromatography technology

- Blended with three enzymes at fixed ratio

- High lot-to-lot consistency

- High purity & low endotoxin

Application on target tissues

Tissue Type TDzyme TL Pack TDzyme TM Pack
Lymph Node
Pancrease (islets)  

Innovative packaging technology

  • Application of smart packaging technology providing higher user-friendly experiences than conventional vial packaging
  • Easy in-line sterile filtration to minimize microbial contamination during primary cell culture

Ordering information

  Product name Product No. Contents
product_01.png TDzyme® TL Pack TDL0010 TDzyme® C (5mg), 2ea
product_02.png TDzyme® TM Pack TDM0008 TDzyme® C (5mg) + TDzyme® T (3mg)
  • TDzyme® C (blue cap): Collagenase (including minimal amount of thermolysin)
  • TDzyme® T (red cap): Thermolysin
  • 1. Easy dissolution of lyophilized proteins
  • 2 Easy dissolution of lyophilized proteins with in line sterile filtration
  • 3 Simultaneous dissolution of lyophilized proteins /w in line sterile filtration

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