Peroxidase conjugated anti-Cry j 2 pAb

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Peroxidase conjugated anti-Cry j 2 pAb

General information 

Cat. No. HBL-Ab-2-000P
Quantity 25 µg, 100 µl/vial (Frozen Liquid)
Specificity This antibody was obtained from Cry j 2 antigen (Japanese cedar pollen allergen) immunized Rabbit
    serum (Japanese White strain). This antibody cross-reacts against Cry j 2 antigen less than 10%.
Preparation & form Rabbit IgG was purified from the anti-Cry j 2 rabbit serum by ProteinG Sepharose column chromatography.
    Then IgG was conjugated with horseradish peroxidase by periodide method. Peroxidase conjugated IgG
    was prepared in the concentration of 250μg/ml with phosphate-buffered saline containing 1 % bovine
    serum albumin fractionV
Format Protein A / G Affinity Purified
Crossing Cryptomeria japonica
Immune animals Rabbit 
Label Unlabeled
Class :IgG
Application   This antibody is suitable for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Dilute 1:1000 as a detect antibody.
Storage Store below -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles by storage in appropriate aliquots.


Pollen, purified antigens (Cry j 1, Cry j 2) and antibodies (anti-Cry j 1 antibody, anti-Cry j 2 antibody) of Japanese Sugi ( Cryptomeria japonica ). It is used in many treatises and boasts a high track record. It is useful for studying Japanese cedar pollen allergy.

It is an antibody produced using Cry j 2 of Japanese Sugi ( Cryptomeria japonica ) as an immunogen.

* This product is for research use. It cannot be used for anything other than research.



What is Japanese cedar pollen?

Two main types of cedar pollen allergens are known as the causative agents of Japanese cedar pollinosis. One is Cry j 1, a basic protein with a molecular weight of about 40 kDa. Cry j 1 is localized in ubiquitous bodies (particle size of about 0.7 μm) attached to the surface of Japanese cedar pollen with a particle size of about 30 μm. The other is Cry j 2, a basic protein with a molecular weight of about 37 kDa. Cry j 2 is thought to be localized in the starch granules inside cedar pollen and in the pollen intima.


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