LiveReceptor GABAAR (GABAAR Labeling Reagent)

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LiveReceptor GABAAR (GABAAR Labeling Reagent),

Cat NO. FDV-0018B
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Specific labeling regent for ion channel type GABA receptor Live Receptor GABAAR

LiveReceptor is the world-first reagent series of target-specific receptor labeling.
Now, we announce the new product targeting for ion channel type GABA receptors (GABAARs) 
LiveReceptor GABAAR is a powerful tool to investigate physiological functions of GABAAR by monitoring receptor trafficking of GABAAR in live cells. No complicated protocol is required.

Our "LiveReceptors" generally have three domains, a receptor specific ligand, fluorescein dye and acyl imidazole.
Once ligand on the LiveReceptor binds to the target receptor, acyl imidazole is activated and attacked by nucleophilic amino acids on the receptors' surface.
In this result, the receptors are directly labeled with fluorescein even after the ligand left from binding pocket. Receptor functions are still kept after labeling.

This product is commercialized by the research result of Professor Hamachi, at Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.


 • Can label fluorecein to GABAAR
 Can observe signal for 1 to 4 hours after adding LiveReceptor to medium.
 No cell permiability - only GABAAR on cell surface can be labeled.
 No fluorescence of internalized GABAAR. Only GABAAR on cell surface can be observed.
 Ion channel function is mainteined after labeling


Chemical Information

 Formulation : C55H51N7O13
 Molecular weight : 1017.35 g/mol
 Visibility : Orange lyophilized powder                                          
 Solubility : Soluble in DMSO
            *This compound has high water-solubility, and it can be easily degraded in water and culture medium.
             Please avoid storing in water.  

 Excitation/ Emission: 495/515 nm *Compatible with FITC filter 



 Live cell imaging
Immunocytochemistry with specific antibodies
Immunoprecipitation with anti-fluorescein antibody
Immunoblotting with anti-fluorescein antibody
Drug screening for competitive GABAAR antagonist (GABA-site)


Example Data

Fig.1 Live cell imaging of labelled GABAARs in GABAAR-expressed HEK293 GABAAR (α1/β3/γ2)-expressed HEK293 cells were treated with 1 μM of LiveReceptor GABAAR in the absence or presence of 100 μM gabazine, a GABAAR selective inhibitor, for three hours at 37C and washed out three times with the basal medium. (scalebars, 20 μm)


Fig.2 Validation of GABAAR labeling by western blotting GABAAR (α1/β3/γ2)-expressed HEK293 cells were treated with 0.01-1 μM of LiveReceptor GABAAR in the absence or presence of 100 μM gabazine, a GABAAR selective inhibitor,for three hours at 37C. After wash cells, the cells were lysed and proteins were applied into SDS-PAGE and western blotting using anti-fluorescein (FL) antibody or anti-GABAARα1 subunit. 


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LiveReceptor GABAAR <GABAAR Labeling Reagent>

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