NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette

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NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette


You can customize your original fixed volume pipette.
For delicate research and inspections, which require accurate repetitive dispensation, an exclusive fixed volume pipetter will be a solution.

[ Do you have such troubles and failures? ]
  • When you would like to dispense exactly the same volume and if you use a variable pipettor which is used for other various work (task), the volume is slightly changed every time you adjust the dial.
  • There would not be suitable volume you want to use. (For example, when you are supposed to make 200µL diluted reagent for an analytic devices by diluting 10µL original reagent with 190µL solution.)
  • The volume deviated without noticing it
    during the work
[ WATSON Fixed Volume Pipette will be a solution ]
Because the equal volume adjustment mechanism as the variable pipette is built in, You can customize your original fixed volume pipette. Once you customize it, you just take it when you need it.
In case of ordering from Japan, we are able to deliver it after customized, if you designate your suitable volume Also we offer volume change/calibration services.
You can change the capacity by yourself with the NEXTY Volume Change Tool Kit (NT-FVC). However, please be aware that if you do it by yourself, the warranty are invalid, because it is necessary for you to remove the lid of the body and disassemble it.
Overseas customers need to customize the capacity by yourself.
Please refer to the video which instructs how to customize the capacity.

Easy Push Button
■ Mushroom-Shaped Push Button
Mushroom-shaped push button is designed to repetitive stress on the thumb.
■ Eject Button
The unique design of our eject button provides for easy and comfortable ejecting and dispensing.
Lightweight and Highly Durable
This unit is made from a tough and durable material but it is still lightweight!
■ Smooth & Steady Stroke
Our Nexty pipettes have passed the Half Million stroke test. Our NEW spring system and PBT internal plunger (which is highly resistant to chemicals and samples) means these units always have a smooth and precise stroke.
Rapid Cleaning
Nozzle cone and eject cone can easily be removed for cleaning. They are also autoclavable.
■ Nozzle Cone
The unique design of our nozzle lock system, makes it easy to remove and replace the nozzle cone. This locking mechanism also reduces fitting errors and helps to maintain the accuracy of the unit.
■ Eject Cone
One-touch ejector operation Easy maintenance.
* NEXTY Volume Change Tool Kit
Product Page

Cat. No. Item Init. Setting
(Var. Range)
(Init. Setting)
Precision Compatible
Tip Models
WBNT-F10 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
10 µL
10 µL
(1-10 µL)
±1.0% ≤0.5% (10 µL)
≤2.5% (1 µL)
204/207 Go to Product
WBNT-F20 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
20 µL
20 µL
(2-20 µL)
±1.0% ≤0.5% (20 µL)
≤3.0% (2 µL)
703/705 Go to Product
WBNT-F100 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
100 µL
100 µL
(10-100 µL)
±0.8% ≤0.3% (100 µL)
≤1.0% (10 µL)
703/705 Go to Product
WBNT-F200 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
200 µL
200 µL
(20-200 µL)
±0.8% ≤0.3% (200 µL)
≤1.0% (20 µL)
703/705 Go to Product
WBNT-F1000 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
1000 µL
1000 µL
(100-1000 µL)
±0.8% ≤0.3% (1000 µL)
≤0.6% (100 µL)
706/804 Go to Product
WBNT-F5000 NEXTY Fixed Volume Pipette
5000 µL
5000 µL
(500-5000 µL)
±0.8% ≤0.3% (5000 µL)
≤0.3% (500 µL)
401 Go to Product


 Quality Control 

The product that adheres this mark is RNase/DNase/Human-DNA FREE.

Fukae / Watson products are produced in a clean room production line where original Watson's strict system of the quality is set up.

These products are inspected by rigorous quality standards, and we will issue the RNase / DNase certificate of each lot at your request.

The product that adheres this mark is Pyrogen FREE.

This mark shows endotoxin level reach 0.05 EU/mL or less when our products were tested using a colorimetric method based on the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.


Severe system of quality control

A strict system of the quality check is set up in each place in the manufacturing process, and the inspection with a microscope and a profile projector, etc. is executed at any time.

Only the products that fills rigorous quality standards is sent off to the world. This is the proof of the trust of Watson brand.

Clean room environment

Our facilities include a CleanRoom to fulfill the requirements of RNase / DNase FREE and also Endotoxin FREE environment.

Only the special skilled staff with protective suits are allowed to enter our clean room.


Quality Control Structure

Fukae-Kasei maintains a thorough quality control structure. Products are checked at each of the manufacturing processes with various measuring devices.

Only those produced goods that meet the strict quality standards will be released as products.



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