Magnetic Pen for 15ml or 50ml tube

Product#: NGS MagPen
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Magnetic Pen for 15ml or 50ml tube

Cat.No.   NGS MagPen

Product Description
The NeoGeneStarTM Magnetic Pen fits 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes, 250ml centrifuge bottle and tissue culture flask (recommended sample volume of 600uL to 250 mL). The NeoGeneStarTM Magnetic Pen is specially designed for fast and simple removal of magnetic particles from larger volume samples.

Magnet / Sleeve Design – Eliminates Aspiration and Resuspension
The NeoGeneStarTM Magnetic Pen is designed for use with plastic sleeves that fit over the magnetic Pen. By moving the magnetic particles from bind to wash to elution, there is no need for pipetting, aspiration or particle resuspension. The magnet with sleeve design greatly increases productivity and ease of sample processing.
Recommend sleeve: Perkin Elmer Chemagic Tips XL, Cat # CMG-554

The NeoGeneStarTM neodymium magnets are strong permanent magnets and should be handled with care to avoid personal injury. Typical precautions for use with strong magnetic fields should be used. Electronic devices (computers, cell phones, pacemakers and other implants), magnetic strips (credit cards, employee ID badges), tools and other magnets should be kept away from the NeoGeneStarTM magnetic separators. Damaged units should be returned to NeoGeneStarTM for disposal and/or replacement. In particular the magnets should not be ingested as serious health consequences could result.

Cleaning and Disinfection
1% sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) is recommended for cleaning. The magnets can be wiped with 70% isopropanol or 1% bleach. Do not expose the magnets to prolonged aqueous environments. Non-polar solvents and concentrated alcohols should never contact the magnetic stands. Do not autoclave or expose to temperatures above 50oC.

Storage and Stability
The magnets contain high-energy neodymium permanent magnets. The magnetic strength will not diminish significantly during the lifetime of the product. Do not use the magnets above 50°C (122°F) or below 0°C and store in a cool, dry environment. Strong ionizing radiation, UV and direct sunlight should be avoided.


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