Disposable Medical Mask 50pc

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Disposable Medical Mask

Cat. No. 

FDA Approved & CE Approved.

 - EN 14683
 - Hypoallergenic
 -Three Ply Construction

Brand: Mu Lan Xuan

  99% Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE),
  95 % @ 0.1 Micron Particles (PFE), (Particle Challenge Study measures filterefficiency only against mass median aerodynamic diameter particle)

Disposable Medical Mask - Non Sterile Type  - No case

  • [Quantity]  50Pieces / Box
  • [Types & Specification] Plane Mask and Earhook type,  17.5 cm x 9.5 cm
Only for one time use, Please Properly destgory it after use.
Please, replaced the mask in time if it turns wet and contaminated by the patient's blood or body fluids. 

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