Agarose Pre-Made Gel in 0.5X TAE, with EtBr

Product#: GA6000
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Agarose Pre-Made Gel in 0.5X TAE, with EtBr

Cat.No.   GA6000
Storage: 4~8℃ / Protect from light.
Shelf Life: 8 months

*We recommend you wear personal protective equipment (such as protective clothing and gloves) and you clean your hands after use.
*Keep the product protected from shock.
*Keep the product from being frozen.

Product Description
Agarose gel refers to a gel substance created by melting polysaccharide in hot water, which is the main ingredient of agar that does not include  sulfate, and then letting it cool. As it is used for the electrophoresis for high-molecularmass nucleotides, it serves as a medium through which DNA or RNA moves. As it has the excellent ability to fix DNA or RNA, it is effective for separation by molecular mass.

As it includes EtBr, the pre-made agarose gel can detect DNA or RNA right after electrophoresis. The EtBr that is included in the agarose gel is  requently used as a reagent that dyes nucleic acids such as dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA in electrophoresis. EtBr has a group with a planar structure that intervenes between the DNA bases, and the group combines with the DNA base.

Pre-made agarose gel with EtBr using 2% agarose gel in TAE buffer. Serial dilution of 100 bp DNA Ladder were loaded in the amount of 650 ng. 390 ng. 130 ng, 65 ng, 32.5 ng and 13 ng from left to right. Gel was imaged using UV transilluminator. 
* UV with a wavelength of 302㎚ and 366㎚ is absorbed into the pigment of the EtBr, which discharges an orange fluorescent visible light of 590㎚.

Pre-made Agarose Gel for Multi-Pipette and Screening

12 well gel.png      For Multi-Pipette (12 well)
Gel Size W: 110 mm, H: 63 mm / Max. Volume: 22 uL

96 well gel.png      For Screening (96 well)
Gel Size W: 115 mm, H: 120 mm / Max. Volume: 20 uL / 25 mm

Caution: EtBr, which is toxic not only as a potent carcinogen, but also as a mutagen. So, when handling this product, you must wear personal protective equipment including gloves.

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