250mL Centrifuge Tubes

Product#: MTC_C1250
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250mL Centrifuge Tubes

Cat No. : MTC_C1250

Size: 250mL PP (59.8 X 160mm), with screw-cap, 14 bags of 5 tubes,  70/case

250mL Centrifuge Tubes, Bagged
  • 250mL screw-cap polypropylene tubes are manufactured for temperature and chemical resistance.
  • These tubes are intended for large volume centrifugation and are widely used in cell harvesting/purification and drug discovery applications.
  • 250mL centrifuge tubes can withstand up to 6,000xg maximum RCF*.
  • They are supplied in sterile, RNase, DNase, and pyrogen-free packs of 5 tubes, 70 tubes per case.

* Perfect for Cell harvesting

* Molded graduations from 0.5 to 250mL

* Sterile, RNase, DNase & Pyrogen free

*  Leak-proof screw-cap

Max RCF : 6,000xg*
Dimensions : 59.8 x 160 mm (OD X H )
Temp.Range : -80°C to 100°C
Material Tube:
*refers to liquids w/  aspecific gravity of 1.0, Using appropriate rotors, cushions and adapters. 
Compatible with high volume centrifuges!
Shown with Hermle/Benchmark HCZ446 refrigerated centirifuge

* Compared other size Centrifuge Tubes   


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