Verdenite, Tablet(φ40mm×6mm)

Product#: VM-40-06
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Verdenite, Tablet (φ40mm×6mm)

Cat No: VM-40-06

Size: 1000 pieces

"Verdenite" is a peat moss coated with montmorillonite (clay). It is an artificial soil that has drastically improved water retention and fertilizer compared to normal soil. The range of use is wide, and it is used as a material for raising seedlings, repairing degraded soil, greening of rooftops, slope greening, aerial greening, and flying sand prevention materials. It is also an indispensable material for indoor plant factories.

The Features of VERDENITE
  • Nouse of any chemical material 
  • High water-holding capacity (10 times that of normal soil)
  • High nutrient-holding capacity (SO times that of normal soil)
  • Adjusted Ph (Ph 6.2 -6.5)
  • Contains a large number of negative ions (CEC 80 -100) 
  • Lightweight (one tenth that of normal soil) 

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