Traditional Chinese Medical Herbal Reference Substance(TCM)

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Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Herbal Reference Substance

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Reference Substance

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Nature Standard manufactures with the highest quality TCM compounds with facilities designated with ISO/IEC 17025 certifications.

DiagnoCine offers TCM products with excellent purified Natural Compounds with reference standard quality for all industry and laboratory research.  

A wide range of products includes herbal reference standard in ChP, USP, JP, and EP.

















Product Category

Chemical reference standards of herbs(CRS): More than 500 products. All of these products are calibrated by the requirements of China National Drug Reference Standards, and international regulatory requirements, such as ISO17034 and JJF1343-2012. These products can be used for accurate quantitative analyses of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), drug research and development, and quality control of health products.

High-purity natural product: More than 3000 for uses in compound characterization, pharmacological activity analysis, toxicity screening, and preparation research in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and other purposes.

Natural product library: Nearly 10000 types of components have been perpetrated on the chemical constituents of TCM. This library has been regarded by the industry for high-throughput screening to find bioactive lead compounds. 

High-quality plant extract: NatureStandard has more than 100 systematic research experiences on medicinal plants' ingredients and has accumulated a number of high-quality extracts from medicinal plants. This high-quality plant extract can be used as raw materials for food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and health industries. 

* Research on Quality Standards and Production Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Compounds:  All-natural compounds meet strict quality standards for reach, technology, and production to meet requirements for Pharmacopoeia of the US, EU & Asian countries

* Separation, Purification, and Structure Identification of Natural Compounds: Mass spectrometry-guided designation and preparation is used to identify the compounds and purified for a wide range of downstream applications

* Classic and Famous Prescriptions and Formulations for Modern Research:  Text-based research on ancient Chinese medicine documents, raw material research & collection, and traditional-classical prescription methods used in all preparations

* Plant Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research:  Highly purified natural compounds were validated by in vitro and in vivo experiments and confirmed multiple ranges of metabolic activities.

* High-Resolution Mass Spectroscopy Used for All Analysis:  Qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds accomplished to meet all regulatory standards and requirements and guidelines.


Research on quality standards and production technology of traditional Chinese medicine

In accordance with the requirements of
the Chinese Pharmacopoeia,
the United States Pharmacopoeia,
the European Pharmacopoeia

Separation, purification and structure identification of natural products

The target compound uses high-resolution mass spectrometer, nuclear magnetometer, polarimeter, circular dichroism and single crystal diffraction and other structural characterization methods to determine its structur

Classic famous prescription/formulation granule research

In the textual research stage of classic famous prescriptions and ancient documents, The collection of medicinal materials, raw material research, and processing The research stage. The research phase of the classic famous prescription (formula granule)

Chinese medicine/plant metabolism and pharmacokinetic research

speculation and confirmation, metabolic pathway speculation and confirmation, pharmacokinetic research services, experiments follow the guidelines of ICH, CFDA and FDA, design and carry out experiments according to customer needs, pharmacokinetics Evaluation Service

Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Components and Adulteration Analysis Based on High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Database of Natural Products of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qualitative analysis of the components of natural products of traditional Chinese medicine


Quality Control

The products are high quality with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 17034 certifications under a GMP quality management.  

Please inquire about the products of interest to confirm the price, size, and delivery lead time.

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