Radicicol (100µg, 1mg, 5mg)

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Radicicol (100µg, 1mg, 5mg)

Cat No: BLK-0500


Monorden A, which is a macrolactone antibiotic, was isolated from Monosporium bonorden1), Cylindrocarpon radicicola 2), Penicillium luteoorantium3), and other microorganisms. Monorden A binds to Hsp90 (Heat Shock Protein 90) and alters its function4). Monorden A is known as protein kinase inhibitor. Radicicol is an antifungal antibiotic that was shown to inhibit transformation by oncogenes v-src, ras, raf, and mos5, 6).

Origin: Pochonia .sp FKI-4937

CAS Registry Number: 12772-57-5

CA Index Name: 8-Chloro-1α , 14,15,15α - tetrahydro-9,11-dihydroxy-14- methyl-6Hoxireno[e][[2]benzoxacyclotetradecin -6,12(1H)-dione

Appearance: lemon-yellow needles

Molecular Formula/ Weight: C19H17ClO6=364.78

Melting Point: 196-197℃

Purity: >98% by HPLC

Solubility: Sol. MeOH, Chloroform, EtOAc, DMSO Inso. water, Hexane

Handling and Storage: Store at -20℃.

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