PCR/ Elisa 96 Well Plate Sealing Films

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PCR/ Elisa 96 Well Plate Sealing Films

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  • Made from polypropylene
  • Compatible with most thermal cyclers and real-time PCR instruments
  • The thin-walled design allows for high thermal conductivity to help reaction liquid reach the target temperature faster
  • Easy to open leak proof cap makes the loss of reaction less than 0.2%
Nest PCR sealing film can be used with both Elisa plates and PCR plates. The film can minimize the solution evaporation even under high temperature.
Both common and advanced films are available.
Common Sealing Film Product Features
  • Non-permeable film, medical grade glue
  • Compatible with most PCR plates
  • Good sealing performance
Advanced PCR Sealing Film Product Features
  • Suitable for use between -70°C—100°C
  • Non-tacky to skin and gloves
  • Minimal to no Auto-fluorescence
Product ID Name Spec (mm) Color Packing Unit 
41001_Common PCR Common Sealing Film 146 × 81 Transparent 100/pk, 500/cs
41001_Common-P PCR Common Sealing Film-Pack 146 × 81 Transparent 100/pk
41001_Advance Advanced sealing film for qPCR 141 × 78 Transparent 100/pk, 500/cs
41001_Advance-P Advanced sealing film for qPCR-Pack 141 × 78 Transparent 100/pk
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