PCR Rack

Product#: 40701

Rack No.

  • 1rack
  • 5rack
Ships in 24 hours

PCR Rack

Cat. No. See below

  • Fit for 0.2ml tubes and strip tubes and 96 well plates
  • Easily stackable to save space
  • Transparent Polycarbonate lid for easy well identification
  • Polypropylene racks can be autoclaved

Made from USP grade VI polypropylene


Fit for fixing all NEST PCR products.


  • Stackable
  • Transparent polycarbonate lid for well identification
  • Autoclavable
  Product ID Spec  Cap Type Color / Pack / Case
407001.png 40701_1rack 8*12 Flat Blur Rack & Transparent Lid  1 Rack & 1 Lid 25 Rack & 25 Lid
407101.png 40701_5rack 8*12 Flat Blur Rack & Transparent Lid  5 Rack & 1 Lid 25 Rack & 5 Lid
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