PCR 96 Well Plate

Product#: DN402
96 Well PCR Plate
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PCR 96 Well Plate

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Color:Transparent, White

NEST PCR Plates are manufactured with high quality Polypropylene material to guarantee low protein absorption and/or sample loss.  
  • White plates are ideal for qPCR
  • Autoclavable PCR Plate, non skirt
  • Plate without skirt can be cut to any desired format.
Cat.No. Volume
Color Pack Case No# by PCR Machine ( >Click here for No# <)
DN402_001-Clear 0.2 No Skirt H1 Clear 25 100
DN402_011-White 0.2 No Skirt H1 White 25 100
DN402_101-Clear 0.1 No Skirt H12 Clear 25 100
DN402_111-White 0.1 No Skirt H12 White 25 100
DN402_201-Clear * 0.2 No Skirt H12 Clear 25 100
DN402_812-White **** 0.1 No Skirt H12 White 10 50
DN402_301-Clear 0.2 Semi Skirt A12 Clear 25 100
DN402_401-Clear ** 0.1 Semi Skirt A1 Clear 25 100
DN402_411-White 0.1 Semi Skirt A1 White 25 100
DN402_601-Clear ** 0.2 Semi Skirt A12 Clear 25 100
DN402_501-Clear 0.1 Full Skirt H1 Clear 25 100
DN402_712-White *** 0.1 Full Skirt H12 White 10 50
* Elevated wells
** Compatible with ABI machine
*** Roche lightcycler 480,lightcycler 480 II,lightcycler96
**** ABI stepone, ABI steponeplus ,Biorad CFX96,Biorad MJ,research option,Biorad option2,Biorad mini option,ROCHE lightcycler nano,
       agilent statagnen ARIA MX G8830A ,TL988-IV

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Made from high quality polypropylene to ensure the minimal loss of reaction solution.

For PCR machine whose fluorescent signals is read at the top, Nest white PCR plates can effectively prevent the cross interference between different holes. In addition, Nest white PCR plate can read low fluorescent signals with high stability. Nest transparent PCR plates apply to the PCR machines whose fluorescent signals is read at the bottom.

Product Features
•  Flat surface, thick and solid, not easy to deform
•  The black printing mark is designed for easy identification
•  Elevated edge of the hole can better prevent cross contamination
•  Compatible with NEST pressure sensitive film, self-adhesive film and hot sealing film
•  Autoclavable

PCR Plates with No Skirt Product Features
•  The low profile design minimized the condensate contamination and evaporation of reaction solution.

PCR Plate, No Skirt, Elevated Wells Product Features
•  Elevated wells plate is designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination
•  Easy to open

PCR Plates with Skirt Product Features
•  Stronger construction and more space for labeling

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