PCR 8-Strip Tubes

Product#: 40301

Volume/Color/Packing unit

  • 0.1-Trans-CS
  • 0.1-Trans-PK
  • 0.2-Trans-CS
  • 0.2-Trans-PK
  • 0.1-White-CS
  • 0.1-White-PK
  • 0.2-White-CS
  • 0.2-White-PK
  • 0.2-Trans-Cap-CS
  • 0.2-Trans-Cap-PK
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PCR 8-Strip Tubes

Cat. No. See below

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Compatible with most thermal cyclers and real-time PCR instruments
  • The thin-walled design allows for high thermal conductivity to help reaction liquid reach the target temperature faster
  • Easy to open leak proof cap makes the loss of reaction less than 0.2%
Made from USP grade VI polypropylene

NEST has both transparent and white PCR strip tubes, which respectively apply to the general PCR and qPCR reactions.

  • Low profile tubes are designed to minimize the condensate contamination, particularly for the overnight experiment, and also reduce the evaporation of the reaction solution.
  • Free of Dnase and Rnase, human DNA and PCR inhibitor
  • Autoclavable
  • White strip tubes increase the fluorescent signal strength of real-time PCR.
PCR 8-Strip Tube with Flat Cap Product Features
  • Eight individually capped thin wall tubes
  • Caps are attached at an angle to prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other.
  • Tight sealing, easy to open
  • Flat, optically clear caps
  Product Volume (mL) Color Cap Type Specification / Pack / Case
403102.png 40301_0.1-Trans
( 403102 )
0.1 Transparent No Cap Low Profile 125 1250
403002.png 40301_0.2-Trans
( 403002 )
0.2 Transparent No Cap High Profile 125 1250
403112.png 40301_0.1-White
403112 )
0.1 White No Cap Low Profile 125 1250
403012.png 40301_0.2-White
403012 )
0.2 White No Cap High Profile 125 1250
404001.png 40301_0.2-Trans-Cap 
( 404001 )
0.2 Transparent with Flat Cap  
( hinged lid )
High Profile 120 1200
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