Non-Treated Cell Culture Flask

Product#: 70701


  • Seal-50
  • Vent-50
  • Seal-250
  • Vent-250
  • Seal-750
  • Vent-750
  • Seal-950
  • Vent-950
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Non-Treated Cell Culture Flask

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Nest cell culture flasks are available in cell growth areas ranging from 25cm2 to 225cm2. Tissue culture treated or non-treated flasks available with a vent cap or plug seal cap to meet your needs. Vent caps with 0.22 um hydrophobic filters for gas exchange.
Product features
  • Angled neck for easy access
  • Packaged in sterile, zip-sealable bags
  • High clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene
  • Frosted writing and clear graduations
  • Notched bottom for slip free stacking
  • Sterilized by E Beam
  • Vented caps (with breathable 0.22um membrane)
  • Clear lot number for batch traceability
  • Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase FREE
  • Stackable
  Product ID Volume (mL) Cell Growth area (cm2) Cap Style Recommended Medium Volume (mL) Treat Packing Unit 
70701_Seal-50 50 25 Sealed Cap 5-7.5 No 10/pk, 200/cs
70701_Vent-50 50 25 Vent Cap 5-7.5 No 10/pk, 200/cs
70701_Seal-250 250 75 Sealed Cap 15-22.5 No 5/pk, 100/cs
70701_Vent-250 250 75 Vent Cap 15-22.5 No 5/pk,
70701_Seal-750 750 175 Sealed Cap 35-52.5 No 5/pk, 40/cs
70701_Vent-750 750 175 Vent Cap 35-52.5 No 5/pk, 40/cs
70701_Seal-950 950 225 Sealed Cap 45-67.5 No 5/pk, 25/cs
70701_Vent-950 950 225 Vent Cap 45-67.5 No 5/pk, 25/cs
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  • Cell biology research
  • Cytology research in animal and plant and basic medical school
  • Small-scale cell culture, cell screening
  • Cell threapy direction research
  • Stem cell research
  • Tissue culture
  • Biochemistry, medicine, microbiology
  • Genetic engineering, antibody engineering drugs, vaccines, etc
  • Microplate chromogenic reaction plate use
  • Such products are provided with Treated, Non-Treated products, applicable for adherent cells or suspension cell culture


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