MonoSpin HILIC Columns(NH2, Amide)

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Functional Group & Qty

  • NH2-50 pcs
  • NH2-100 pcs
  • NH2-L30 pcs
  • Amide-50 pcs
  • Amide-100 pcs
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MonoSpin HILIC Columns(NH2, Amide)

MonoSpin is a monolithic SPE column excellent for the small volume sample with an easy and quick operation by centrifuge.


MonoSpin is a SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) column with monolithic silica (monolith). This is designed for small volume sample preparation by centrifuge. GL Sciences' unique monolith silica technology.
GL Sciences’ monolith silica technology has low-pressure, high-flow, and low-liquid-retention properties, makes it uniquely suited for handling small amount samples.


  • Easy-to-Operate
  • High Throughput and Rapid Operation for Biological Sample
  • Ideal for Small Sample Volumes
  • Selective Purification/Enrichment by Wide Various Functional Groups
S type (Short type) L type (Long type)
MonoSpin_fig2.png MonoSpin_fig3.png
Disc size : Φ 4.2 x 1.5 mm
Sample volume : up to 800 μL
Elution volume : 50 – 800 μL
Centrifuge : 2000 - 10000 x g
Disc size : Φ 9 x 3 mm
Sample volume : up to 8000 μL
Elution volume : 500 – 8000 μL
Centrifuge : 1000 x g

Functional Group
Cat. No. Image Functional Group Type Qty (pcs)

MonoSpin NH2

Aminopropyl column is optimized for the enrichment of sugar chain and/or hydrophilic compounds by HILIC mode.
NH2-50 pcs GL_NH2-F2.png NH2 S 50 
NH2-100 pcs NH2 S 100
NH2-L30 pcs NH2 L 30

MonoSpin Amide

Amide column is optimized for the extraction of sugar chain chains and various hydrophilic acidic and basic compounds by HILIC mode.
Amide-50 pcs GL_Amide-F2.png Amide S 50
Amide-100 pcs Amide S 100


Example Data

Fig. 1 Purification of pyridylaminated saccharides (MonoSpin NH2)
MonoSpin NH2 shows up to 100% recovery of the pyridylaminated saccharides from original impure sample. 



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