MCDB153 Medium, Basal medium for human epithelial cell

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MCDB153 Medium <Basal medium for human epithelial cell>

Cat. No. IFP0010
Store at 4°C,Dark Strage,Don't freeze
Size 1000ml


MCDB 153 medium 1) is a component of a basic medium (MCDB 152) 2) suitable for colony-like growth and subculture of human epidermal keratinocytes , and FeSO 4 is 5.0 × 10 -6 M, and ZnSO 4 is 5.0 This is a modified basic medium modified to × 10-7 M. This medium is an excellent basal medium for the growth of various epithelial cells, including human epidermal keratinocytes.


This medium is a sterile, completely prepared liquid medium. Various cell growth factors etc. can be added aseptically and used as cell growth medium.


This medium should be used within the effective period of storage in a cool dark place (2-5 ° C). However, please be aware that once opened or left at room temperature or 37 ° C activity may disappear even within that period. < 

Cautions for use

  • This product is a medium for animal cells. 
  • Please note that biological activity may be lost even within the expiration date if left at room temperature or 37 ° C for a long time


This product is a research reagent. Do not use in the manufacture of medicines, diagnoses or treatments in the human body or animals


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  2. Tsao MC, Walthal BJ and Ham RG: J. Cell. Physiol. 110: 219-229 (1982) 


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