IL-2, Human

Product#: RP604
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IL-2, Human

Cat. No. RP604
Store at -80°C
Size 25µg
Package 25 µg µg/ml solution, 0.1 % (v/w) polyoxyethylene (23) lauryl ether in PBS
Activity The ED50 is 0.1 0.2 ng/ml, determined by cell proliferation assay using CTLL-2 cells.
Storage -80ºC
MW 18.0 kDa


Recombinant IL-2(Accession No. P60568) was produced in the E. coli cell-free translation system. IL-2 has the N-terminal ProX(ttt) tag, which is the sequence tag optimized for high productivity, and has the C-terminal hexahistidine tag. The concentration of the recombinant IL-2 was measured by coomassie staining using with bovine serum albumin as a standard. Recombinant IL-2 was purified by metal chelating-column.


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