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Easy-WESTERN-II Easy Western is a new primary antibody detection reagent kit for western blotting. By using our original MAD reagent, this product can detect most primary antibody species without the need for secondary antibody, which was required in the past. Compared with the conventional method that uses a secondary antibody, this product has many advantages in addition to the major advantages of high sensitivity and rapid detection by one-step operation.
This time, we responded to requests from users and improved it to make it easier to use and more sensitive . The new product will be sold as Easy-WESTERN-II at the same price as before. Due to this, the old products will be discontinued. This product is available in the following two types.

Easy-WESTERN-II Super is high-sensitivity detection is for the product.

Easy-WESTERN-II Quick is quick detection is for the product.


An important component of this reagent is our uniquely developed multi-antibody detection (MAD) reagent, that is, HRP-labeled protein that binds to the antibody. MAD reagents have the property of rapidly binding to antibodies. Due to these properties, this reagent does not require a secondary antibody and realizes highly sensitive detection and rapid detection in one step. By utilizing these properties, many other things can be done, such as simultaneous detection of multiple antigens and sensitization by reprobing.
Product types and features
Standard Method
Achieves high-sensitivity Western detection without need for a secondary antibody High sensitivity detection is possible with normal usage, as long as there is a primary antibody, no secondary antibody is required.
Ultra Fast One Step Method
Realization of ultra-rapid detection by one-step operation by mixing this reagent with the primary antibody in advance, rapid detection for 60 minutes is possible.
Simple Re-Probe Method
It is also possible to enhance the signal which was weak by the detection of the secondary antibody. It is possible to enhance the signal only by adding the MAD reagent to the membrane of the weak signal detected by using the secondary antibody.
Multi Antigen Detection Method
Realization of simultaneous detection of multiple antigens After reacting multiple antigens with multiple primary antibodies, simultaneous detection is possible by using MAD reagent.
Third Reaction Method for High Sensitivity
Realization of ultra-sensitive detection using the third reaction. Ultra-sensitive detection is possible by using it as the third step reaction after the secondary antibody reaction. It is possible to mix with a secondary antibody in advance and perform a two-step reaction.

Note 1: Performance may not be achieved depending on the primary antibody and the secondary antibody to be compared.
Note 2: Mouse IgG1 and goat IgG are antibodies that are difficult to detect with MAD reagent. For mice, please use the dedicated sensitizing reagent.
Note 3: The description in the instruction manual differs between Easy-WESTERN-II Super and Easy-WESTERN-II Quick. Please check the contents carefully before ordering.

Product Structure 
Easy-WESTERN-II Super (for high-sensitivity detection, signal enhancement/sensitization detection)
  Product No Product name Constitution
Super.png EW2SBCL_EZS21 Easy-WESTERN-II Super basic set Antibody detection reagent, dilution buffer, instruction manual, 50 doses
EW2SBCL_EZS22 Easy-WESTERN-II Super marker detection set Basic set + marker detection reagent 50 times
EW2SBCL_EZS24 Easy-WESTERN-II Super Mouse Sensitization Set Basic set + mouse IgG sensitizing reagent 50 times
EW2SBCL_EZS23 Easy-WESTERN-II Super full set Basic set + marker detection reagent + mouse IgG sensitization reagent 50 times
Easy-WESTERN Quick (for one-step rapid detection and simultaneous detection of multiple antigens)    ===>>>
Note 1: Marker detection reagent is a reagent that enables detection of secondary antibody detection type markers such as MagicMark with Easy-WEST WRN-II. 
Note 2: Mouse IgG sensitizing reagent is a reagent that increases detection sensitivity when using mouse IgG. Required when using mouse IgG1.
Note 3: The instruction manual has different contents for Super and Quick. Both can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Related Product 

The components of each reagent can be purchased separately as shown in the table below.
Quick Link Product No Product name Size
Realted-Products.png EWBCL_EZM01 Marker detection reagent 50 μL
EWBCL_EZE01 Mouse IgG sensitizing reagent 50 times
EWBCL_EZB21 Dilution buffer (10 times concentrated) 60 mL
Booster.png BCL110_A-100 mL
BCL110_A-250 mL
Signal Booster Solution A* 250 mL

* Please use the signal booster as a reaction enhancing reagent for primary antibody.


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