DynaMarker, DNA for Plasmid D

Product#: DM132
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DynaMarker, DNA for Plasmid D

Cat. No. DM132
Packing Size 1 ml (100 loadings) This product is research use only
Store at -20°C
Storage condition Stable at 20℃ to 25℃. For long time storage, -20℃ is recommended.
Supplied product 6 × BPB loading dye (EDTA, glycerol and bromphenol blue are contained)
Recommended Loading 5 to 10 μl / lane
Recommended usage DNA sample


DynaMarker for Plasmid D is useful for determination of DNA fragments cloned in a plasmid DNA. The DNA size marker consists of 14 double-stranded, blunt-end DNA fragments. The size of 2, 686 bp fragment is the same size of pUC18/19. The DNA bands close to each other, 2, 686 and 3,000 bp, 550 bp and 500 bp, are for reference indicators. These DNA fragments were fixed amount in solution of DynaMarker for Plasmid D, which makes it possible to estimate amount of DNA. The DynaMarker for Plasmid D is supplied in a ready-to-use mixture containing 8 mM EDTA•2Na, 8 % glycerol, 0.015 % bromphenol blue and 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH8.0).

Ready-to-use mixture

They are mixed with tracking dye and ready-to-use

For estimation of DNA amount in gel !

DNA fragments are fixed amount in the solution of DynaMarker® DNA Low D, DynaMarker® DNA High D or DynaMarker® for Plasmid D

Designed for superior visibility

Easy recognition of DNA size on UV illuminator

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