BioMasher I, 2.0ml Microtube

Product#: NIP-2.0-OS


  • 30 sets
  • 120 sets
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BioMasher I for Soft samples, 1.5ml Microtube with O-ring, PE filter

Cat. No. NIP-2.0-OS
Size 30 sets / 120 sets


Disposable Homogenizer for hard samples with small pore size with PE filter and without o-ring. BioMasher makes protein and nucleic acid extractions easier. It includes a micro homogenizer pestle, a filter column, and a collection tube. Add your sample to the filter column, manually homogenize, and spin at 15,000 x g for 10-30 seconds. Works with a wide variety of tissues and is an ideal preparatory step for many downstream applications. 

Not-sterile, non-autoclavable. 

Biomasher products 

Disposable Homogenizer BioMasher - The best way to homogenize your samples!

BioMasher - I

  • Two types of pestle (with O-ring or without O-ring) are available. To avoid spill of liquid infectious samples, it is good for using "with O-ring" pestle.
  • For soft tissue samples:
    • Put samples into filter cup and insert pestle. Then centrifuge at 10,000 to15,000 x g for 10 to 30 sec.
  • For hard tissue samples:
    • The tip of pestle has " + " shape blade. This makes it possible to grind samples (which are difficult to be homogenized by only centrifuge) by pushing and twisting pestle.

BioMasher - II

  • The combination of texture both pestle and inside of tube, homogenization effeciency is highly increased.
  • Centrifuge is not required.
  • Put samples into tube and insert pestle. Grinding samples by pestle by hand or motorized rotater named "Power Masher II".
  • Please see the handling video here

BioMasher - III

  • Technology of BioMasher- I and II are combined.
  • Put samples into filter tube and insert pestle. Grinding samples by pestle by hand or motorized rotater named "Power Masher II". After that, centrifuge at 6,000 to 10,000 x g for 10 to 30 sec.
  • Please see the handling video from here.

BioMasher - IV

  • Homogenizing samples by automated sample disrupter unit (i.e. FastPrep system or similar products) by using Zirconia beads.
  • This system is suitable for bacteria, yeast and cultured cell samples.



" Power Masher II"

This is a Pestle Motor for BioMasher II & III. It needs two (size) AA batteries (Accessories).


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