BioFactory (Narrow Mouth)

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BioFactory (Narrow Mouth)

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Nest BioFactory™ Systems are compact, multi-layer, single-use cell culture systems designed for easy scale-up cell culture applications, such as production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals. Versatile, easy-to-use systems for medium to large scale research or commercial production with reduced contamination risk.Narrow mouth caps available for tubing solutions. Available in five sizes.
NEST Biofactory.png
•  1-Chamber with 647 cm2 cell growth area
•  2-Chamber with 1279 cm2 cell growth area
•  5-Chamber with 3175 cm2 cell growth area
•  10-Chamber with 6335 cm2 cell growth area
•  40-Chamber with 25295 cm2 cell growth area

Product features
  • Temperature Range:  Approx.-86 to+64℃
  • Sterilized by E-Beam SAL=10-6
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Double-layer sterile bag
  • TC treated , good for cell attachment and growth
  • Clear lot number for batch traceability
  • Ultrasonic welding without extrinsic ingredients. Excellent welding line design can avoid producing particles during welding. And make the bifactoy stronger.
  • Vent caps with 0.22um hydrophobic filters for gas exchange without contamination.
  • Wide mouth is applicable to pour culture medium directly. Narrow mouth is applicable to operate with the aseptic pipeline.
  • Growth kinetics are the same as cells grow in the cell culture flasks. Applicable to large-scalely culture adherent cells.
  • Large growing area. Just a single operate, you can cultivate a large number of cells and reduce contamination risk.
  • Applicable to automatic machine. Standardize operations to reduce batch differences.
Quick Link Product ID Chamber Cultivation area (cm2) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Packing Unit 
Wide-2.png 77100_W 1 1 647 335 205 44 1/pk, 8/cs
77100_W 2 2 1279 335 205 61 1/pk, 8/cs
77100_W 5 5 3175 335 205 112 1/pk, 4/cs
77100_W 10 10 6335 335 205 197 1/pk, 6/cs
77100_W 40 40 25295 335 205 712 1/pk, 2/cs
Narrow-2.png 77200_N 1 1 647 335 205 44 1/pk, 8/cs
77200_N 2 2 1279 335 205 61 1/pk, 8/cs
77200_N 5 5 3175 335 205 112 1/pk, 4/cs
77200_N 10 10 6335 335 205 197 1/pk, 6/cs
77200_N 40 40 25295 335 205 712 1/pk, 2/cs
Wide-Narrow-2.png 77300_WN 1 1 647 335 205 44 1/pk, 8/cs
77300_WN 2 2 1279 335 205 61 1/pk, 8/cs
77300_WN 5 5 3175 335 205 112 1/pk, 4/cs
77300_WN 10 10 6335 335 205 197 1/pk, 6/cs
77300_WN 40 40 25295 335 205 712 1/pk, 2/cs


NEST BioFactoryTM has been widely used in large-scale culture of cell lines such as VERO, MRC-5, 2BS, 293T, L-929, MSE and MSC.

  • Made of Virgin Polystyrene, which meets USP Class VI requirements for plastic containers and closures;
  • Manufactured in dedicated 10,000-class clean room following GMP standards to ensure product quality and stability;
  • Ultrasonic welding process without any chemical addition;
  • Surface TC treatment ensures efficient cell attachment;
  • In-house E-beam sterilization meets the ISO13485 and ISO 11137:2006 standards and achieves sterility level SAL = 10-6;
  • Independent double-layer sterile packaging;
  • Compatible with Corning® CellSTACK® Culture Chamber accessories.
  • Large mouth design for easy pouring of the medium directly;
  • The small mouth design for easy connection with the feeding systems;
  • Breathable cover: 0.22um hydrophobic gas permeable membrane, hindering bacteria and water, can also avoid liquid swelling.

Guidelines For Use
Cell Culture
1.Pour the prepared suspension into the BioFactoryTM (recommended volume of 150-200 ml per layer).
2.Turn the BioFactoryTM Chamber 90° to keep the liquid level at the level.
3.Turn the BioFactoryTM Chamber 90° so that the filling and venting ports are up (as shown). It is normal for the medium level in the bottom chamber section to be slightly higher.
4.Gently lower the BioFactoryTM Chamber to its normal horizontal incubation position and gently tilt the chamber back and forth until the surface of each chamber is completely covered with medium.
5.Put the BioFactory into the incubator.
* Continued mixing of the cell suspension (gently as to not create foam) when filling chambers is recommended to ensure even cell distribution. Preheating the medium to incubation temperature is also recommended to ensure rapid cell attachment.
For larger  BioFactoryTM Chambers, prewarming the Chamber and the medium is especially important due to the increased time required for the middle chambers to reach desired incubation temperatures.


  • Be careful not to spray the hydrophobic filters on the venting caps with alcohol as this will wet them and potentially block the gas flow resulting in pressure build-up or preventing gas exchange.
  • For enzymatic cell harvesting using trypsin or other dissociating enzymes, NEST recommends washing the chamber with calcium and magnesium-free phosphate buffered saline (40 to 50 mL per chamber) at least once to remove any serum containing medium residues. Then add prewarmed dissociating solution (20 to 30 mL per chamber) to the chamber and carefully tilt the chamber back and forth and side to side to ensure the entire cell surface is completely wetted with dissociating solution.
  • Check temperature of shelves as well as the air at different levels in walk-in warm rooms. A 1°C to 2°C variation from the required optimal cell growing temperature is common in many warm rooms and may decrease desired yield significantly.


  • Please be gently when use the biofactory to avoid air bubbles. Air bubbles will lead the culture medium flow from the upper layer to the lower layer.

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