Anti-GENA (germ cell-specific antigen) antibody, rat clone (TRA98), 250 ug

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Anti-GENA (germ cell-specific antigen) antibody, rat clone (TRA98), 250 ug

General information 

Cat. No. 73-004
Size 250 µg
Type Monoclonal
Host Species Rat
Reactivity Mouse 
Label Unlabeled
Clone No TRA98
Isotype Rat IgG2a
Immunogen Cell lysate of adult mouse testis. Rat hybridoma clone TRA98 was established by Dr. Tanaka H
    and Prof. Nishimune Y at Osaka University
Product The antibody was purified from the serum-free culture medium of the hybridoma clone TRA54 by
    proprietary chromatography processes under mild conditions.
Application   :1.Western blotting (1)
2. Immunohistochemical staining (1, 2)
Purified IgG (1 mg/ml) in PBS(-), 50% glycerol. Azide and carrier free
Storage Store at -20℃


A monoclonal antibody TRA98 recognizes a mouse testicular germ cell-specific antigen (1). In adult tissues, bands of 60-100 kDa proteins are detected only in the testis by Western blotting analysis with TRA98 (Fig. 1). The signals are observed in male and female embryos after embryonic day 12.5. The signal in male is detected during development of germ cells and also after birth, but the signal in female disappears by 5 days after birth. The antigen is localized only in the nuclear fraction of testicular germ cells and this antibody can be used for immunohistochemical staining of testicular germ cells (1, 2).

The hybridoma producing TRA98 was obtained by immunization of a rat with the cell lysate of adult mouse testis by the group of Prof. Yoshitake Nishimune of Osaka University (1). This product was purified from serum-free culture medium of the hybridoma clone TRA98 by proprietary chromatography processes under mild conditions.


Fig.1. Western blot analysis with TRA98 of various mouse tissues.
The antibody was used at .1 ug/ml The tissue homogenate samples were applied at 100 ug protein per lane.


Fig.2. Immunohistochemical staining of a 7-day-old testis with germ cell-specific antibody, TRA98.
Frozen sections were reacted with the antibody and the antibody was detected by the avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex method with hydrogen peroxide and diaminobenzidine. Scale bar; 50 μm

References (This product has been used in the following publications.)

  1. Tanaka H et al ” A germ cell-specific nuclear antigen recognized by a monoclonal antibody raised against mouse testicular germ cells” Int J Androl 20: 361-366 (1997) PMID: 9568529
  2. Ohta H et al “Regulation of proliferation and differentiation in spermatogonial stem cells: the role of c-kit and its ligand SCF” Development 127: 2125-2131 (2000) PMID: 10769236 


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