Anti-EID1 antibody, mouse monoclonal (clone 26)

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Anti-EID1 antibody, mouse monoclonal (clone 26)

General Information 
Cat. No. 71-185 
Size 100 ug
Antigen Human
Host Species Mouse
Cross Reactivity Human/ Mouse/ Rat
Label Unlabeled 
Clone 26
Immunogen Synthetic peptide containing amino acids 159-187 of human DIE1 protein
Specificity Reacts with human, mouse and rat EID1 proteins
Form  Purified IgG 1mg/ml in PBS (pH 7.4), 50% glycerol, sterilized by filtration. Azide- and carrier-free
Isotype Mouse IgG2a (κ)
Product This antibody was purified by our propriety chromatography under mild conditions as IgG fraction from
    serum-free growth medium of mouse hybridoma clone #26.
  1. Western blotting (~1 ug/ml)
  2. Immunofluorescence staining (1~5 ug/ml)
  3. ELISA Other applications have not been tested.
Storage Shipped at 4℃ or -20℃, and upon arrival, spin-down and store at -20℃.
Data Link UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Q9Y6B2 (EID1_HUMAN) 


EID1 (EP300 interacting inhibitor of differentiation 1) encodes a 21 kDa protein, which interacts with RB1 and EP300 and acts as a repressor of MYOD1 transcription. EID1 inhibits EP300 and CBP histone acetyltransferase activity. It may be involved in coupling cell cycle exit to the transcription of genes required for cellular differentiation. 


Fig 1 Identification of the EID1 protein by the monoclonal antibody clone #26 by Western blotting.
Crude cell extracts of MCF7 cells (breast cancer cell line) transfected with control vector pCMV1 (lane 1) or the EID1 expression vector pcDNA3/EID1 (lane 2) were analyzed by Western blotting using anti-EID1 antibody clone #26 as the primary antibody and HRP-conjugated-mouse IgG as the secondary antibody. The EID1 protein was identified as a 21 kDa protein band as shown by an arrow.


Fig. 2. Immunofluorescent staining of EID1 protein by anti-EID1 antibody (clone 26) in HeLa cells.
EID1 protein is localized in nuclei. Hela cells grown Fixation of the cells in 4% paraformaldehyde over night Permeabilization in 0.25% Triton X-100/PBS for 10 min Blocking in 1.5% BSA/PBS for 30 min Incubation over night in anti-EID1 antibody (clone 2) diluted to 1/1,000 by blocking buffer Incubation for 60min in 2 nd antibody, Goat anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with Alex 488 (1:1,000 dilution) Nuclei were stained with DAPI


  1. MacLellan WR et al “A novel Rb- and p300-binding protein inhibits transactivation by MyoD” Mol Cell Biol 20:8903-8915 (2000) PMID: 11073990
  2. Nguyen DX et al “Acetylation regulates the differentiation-specific functions of the retinoblastoma protein” EMBO J 23: 1609-1618 (2004) PMID: 15044952 

Aliases for EID1 Gene

  • EP300 Interacting Inhibitor Of Differentiation 1 2 3 5
  • CREBBP/EP300 Inhibitory Protein 1 2 3 4
  • EID-1 2 3 4
  • EP300-Interacting Inhibitor Of Differentiation 1 3 4
  • E1A-Like Inhibitor Of Differentiation 1 3 4
  • 21 KDa PRb-Associated Protein 3 4
  • CREBBP/EP300 Inhibitor 1 2 3
  • C15orf3 3 4
  • RBP21 3 4
  • CRI1 3 4
  • Retinoblastoma Protein-Associated Protein 3
  • Rb- And P300-Binding Protein EID-1 3
  • NB4 Apoptosis Related Protein 3
  • IRO45620 3
  • PNAS-22 3
  • PTD014 3
  • EID1 5

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