Fee Job Posting Announcement
Posted on 7/23/2020 by Jessica

Wordings on the RULES

FREE Job Posting Rules (Helping PIs and Employers to Save HR recruitment $cost)
1.  Qualification:  You must be registered DiagnoCine members to post.  The audience is the general public and internet users.  DiagnoCine has members from over 7000 US/Canada laboratories.
2.  Job Description:  The investigator must include contact information.  Please try to limit to one 1page (500 words). Extra-long posts will not be accepted.   
3.  Posting Period:  The posts older than 90 days are deleted by the IT Admin of the DiagnoCine.  No early deletion or extension request accepted. 
4.  Regulation and Selection:  DiagnoCine IT Admin reserves all and every legal right to delete postings for any form of commercial use or misrepresented employment/employers.
5.  NO Resumes: The job posting site is to help all students, interns, postdocs, and PIs but not designed for uploading resumes for job seekers.
6.  NO FEES: The DiagnoCine will not accept any fees from employers and hiring managers and shall not accept any special requests.  This is a FREE Job posting page.
7.  Misuse and Misbehavior: DiagnoCine IT Admin reserves all and every legal right to remove registered members that abuse this posting site.
* DiagnoCine wishes many members benefit from this FREE Job Posting site!   
* Please send your posting text to support@diagnocine.com.  IT Admin will upload for you.

  Diagnocine CEO, Jessica
Job Posting Soon 1
Posted on 7/22/2020 by Jessica
Job Posting Soon 1