Factors that are required to penetrate N. American biotech and life science market and HOW DiagnoCine Services Can Help:

1. Regulatory/ Safety: DiagnoCine can help to identify private and public entities that deals with regulatory and safety issues
2. Capital: Foreign companies can preserve significant capital by using ˇ°Total Package Serviceˇ± from DiagnoCine
3. Technology/Manufacture: DiagnoCine can help to compare prices and markets in N. America for products to maximize sales strategy
4. IP/Patents: DiagnoCine closely works with big law firms (i.g. LeClairRyan) in North East region to ensure products can launch without IP and Patents issues
5. Distribution: Since 2001 terrorist attack, entering the science buildings in both private and public sectors is extremely difficult. This makes marketing and sales effort very difficult from foreign soil and without sales representatives physically present in N. America. DiagnoCine physically visits scientists to promote sales and strategize marketing plans with clients continuously.

Centering from New York City, 20% of US population is concentrated in 250 mile radius. In this region, more than 2/3 of world head quarters for big pharma and biotechnology companies resides. DiagnoCine can help to penetrate this market.

Life Science and Biotechnology is rapidly growing in North Eastern US shore. DiagnoCine can help to penetrate this market.

Major government facilities (NIH-National Institute of Health and related), major bio-pharmas and biotech companies and highest concentration of academic institutions exist in North Eastern US corridor (North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York region) of US. DiagnoCine can help to penetrate this market.

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