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BioMasher (Disposable Homegenizer)
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BioMasher disposable homigenizers come in 4 convenient types.  Each of these homogenizers are specifically designed to provide the best result when homogenizing tissue of your choice.  We highly recommend to use motorized parts with these pestles if you work with tissues that are not soft (i.e. brain or spleen).  The use of hand-held motorized part can make the homogenization extremely fast to minimize degradation RNA or mortifications on proteins.  We do not recommend that same smasher is used more than once to eliminate any cross-contaminations. 



BioMasher I

This comes with pestle that can be firmly gripped between fingers to rotate and crush soft to medium tissue types.  It is the simplest use and extremely fast for soft tissues (i.e. brain or spleen) because you simply rotate the pestle as you push down.  The pestle has o-ring and acts as a plunger to push the tissue downward as it crushes and extract cytosol contents into the receiver tube.  One simple step followed by simple collection tube to centrifuge and collect the supernatant that is ready for analysis.  Only the toughest parts of the tissue (i.e. stromal components) will be left in the filter and you will get most of what you need in the collection tube.






BioMasher II

This kit is designed for tougher tissue (i.e. skin or plant).  You can use your fingers to smash and grind the tissue if it is on medium tough.  If it is really tough tissues with a lot of connective components in them, then we recommend you to by the motorized part (Cat # 320105) that goes on top of the pestle to increase the efficiency of grinding.  When the grinding is done, wash the pestle tip with the buffer of your choice and then centrifuge the collection tubes to collect the supernatant for further molecular analyses.




BioMasher III

This kit is similar to type2 and the hybrid of type1 and type2.  You can grind tissues while collecting tissue extracts at the bottom of the collection tube.  For some tissue analyses, tissue extracts that are finely minced and grinded (i.e. isolation of cell organelles) are enough.  This device is better suited for all tissues from soft to tough grades.  Again, the motorized (Cat # 320105) is recommended as you move up to tougher tissue types.  The smasher with hard texture with pestle is strong enough to grind soft tissues by hand but will handle tough tissues with motorized grinding  motion.  You can continue to add the buffer of your choice to grind the tissue as fine as you want and collect the “cell juice” at the bottom of the collection tube.  One can further centrifuge the collected cell components to obtain cleared supernatant for various molecular analyses





BioMasher IV

This kit is specifically designed to smash small organelles (i.e ER), yeast or even bacteria.  This smasher is used when you want to collect only the content that is inside the organelle or yeast/bacteria without contaminating the prep with a large portion of membrane components.  The mechanical motions of the beads and the sample will lyse the membrane and release the inner content into the environment.  Typically, the samples are mixed with zirconium beads and placed under mechanical devices of your choice that can vibrate at high rate to “pop” open the contents inside of organelles, yeast or bacteria.  Once the contents are released into buffer, the tube can be centrifuged to collected the cleared supernatant for further molecular analyses.  Contents derived from Type1, Type2 and Type3 can be further smashed with this device for sequential preparation of biomaterias.


Powermasher II
Upgraded version of pestle motor. This is designed for BioMasher II, III and V.

Cat. #:891300
Size: 1 pc
Price: $140.00

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