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MRMplus: A Powerful Tools for Quantitative Profiling of Human Proteins by LC-MS/MS MRM

* For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procesures
* MRMplus Standard Peptides are optimized for multple quantification for each target protein, please contact us at
* For the commercial use for these products, please contact us at

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MRMplus Standard Peptides

Size: 1 mg
Price: USD 380.00 ~
Supplier: Funakoshi Co. Ltd



MRMplus Standard Peptides are designed for MRM analysis by triple quardrupole Mass Spectrometer (QqQ MS)system, which consists of ~50,000 peptides for ~9,000 target human proteins related to matabolism, cell signaling, transcription factor, apoptosis, cancer etc. EAch standard peptide has infomration for MRM analysis, and relative retention time for LC (i.e. segment information) for scheduled-MRM analysis. mTRAQ reagent (AB Sciex Pte. Ltd.) can be used for quantitifcation by MRM.

Proteomics Sample Preparation Kit for Cultured Cell
Cat. No.: FMR-001
Size: 1kit
Price: USD 380.00
Supplier: Funakoshi Co. Ltd

User Manual



Proteomics Sample Preparation Kit for Cultured Cell enables to complete sample preparation for proteomics analysis by LC-MS, especially for MRM analysis with mTRAQ reagent (AB ScieXPte.Ltd.). This kit contains the reagents for cell lysis, protease digestion, and alkylation. 10 samples can be treated using this kit.

MRMplus Retention Time Marker

Cat. No.: FMR-002
Size: 12ul
Price: USD 150.00
Supplier: Funakoshi Co. Ltd

User Manual



MRMplus Retention Time Marker is the mixture of marker peptides (12 synthetic peptides) for calculating the retention time of LC in LC-MS/MS system for scheduled-MRM. The segment value of each MRMplus Standard Peptide is easily converted by using this marker and the conversion software.

Note: you can find the information of the Q1, Q3 values, and conversion software (RTimeToSegment.exe) in FUNAKOSHI website(download page)














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