Funakoshi Products

Molecular cloning vectors and
reagents for genes and microRNA
Chemicals natural compounds,
glycogens and drugs for research
on multiple human diseases
Reagents and antibodies for Immunostaining, tissue culture
and related tissue works
Size markers for DNA, RNA,
microRNA and protein unstained,
prestained and multi-color
prestained markers available
Reagents and antibodies for
Immunoblots and assays
Proteins, enzymes, cytokines,
growth factors and recombinant

Quantitative Profiling of Human Proteins by LC - MS / MS MRM
(1) Presentation
(2) Peptide List for Cancer
(3) Peptide List for Metabolism
Glycolipid: 7DW8-5 and KRN7000
NKT cell ligand, shows anti-tumor activity and
immunological effects.


iMatrix-511 (Laminin-511 E8)
recombinant human laminin511-E8 fragments expressed by CHO-S cell.


Metallo Assasy Kit
Iron, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Calsium can be mea
sured by microplate reader.


DMSO-free Cell Freezing Medium
1. Cryopreserving Solutions
    No serum, No DMSO, No protein
    (1) StemCell Keep: specialized for stem cells
    (2) CryoScarless: specialized for general cells

2. ThelioKeep: preserving medium for dermal tissue

Disposable Homogenizer
four different types
Now free trial samples are available

Prestain RNA markers for Small RNA
Prestain Marker for Small RNA
Prestain RNA markers for RNA High
Protein MultiColor Markers stable 4C
GCscaffold (Biodegradable polymer scaffold)
3 designs: 3D cell culture (block), float culture
(power), transparent plate.